NOLA – New Adventure; New Home

Life has taken me on a new adventure…Packed my life into suit cases, jumped in my car and took an amazing opportunity. 10hours later I pulled up to my new home, New Orleans! I didn’t know what to expect, but I was more then thrilled to be in a new city and getting a chance to live my dreams. The food, their hospitality and their fans are the best I’ve ever seen. It’s nice to be in a city where you find true sports fans who schedule everything around a sporting event or even a festival. It takes you back to the days where the small towns would close everything down just to watch their high school team play under the Friday night lights! You won’t walk far without hearing “whodat” or “go Saints” around here. Truly an amazing community here in Louisiana! I still haven’t seen or experienced everything yet, but I will be blogging about all my new adventures! Till then Gooo Pelicans!!!

*Still waiting on my camera to get here, but for now here is a little of New Orleans through my eyes aka my iphone lol 😉

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Music and Writing

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve wrote on my blog. Music and Writing is my therapy for the night, but I can’t wait to update my travels over the last 3 months! 🙂

“we fell in love, my journal don’t lie, though my actions kept you one step behind…I don’t know how we got here or why, but baby your love is a rarity that I no longer can find…”

My unique finds throughout Nashville

I try to visit my aunt and uncle in Nashville at least once a year. So of course (since I am not working) I packed my bags up and took a road trip to see them. Every time I go there we always try to plan something new to do. To my surprise they had hockey tickets the night I arrived. My first NHL game with my aunt and it was amazing. The next day we planned to see a different part of Nashville. I guess you can call it the hipster part of the city. For lunch we were craving some tacos…so we stopped in at San Antonio Taco Company. If you are ever in Nashville I suggest going there. There food is by far the best. Plus it has a sweet vibe with a unique set up than a normal taco joint. After some grub we headed down to Hillsboro Village to check out the different little shops. One shop that had my attention was Pangaea. It had a vintage feel with a southwest mexican setting. Unique, creative, and all sorts of gifts. I will definitely be stopping in again on my next trip. After cruising through some boutiques and seeing some graffiti art we headed to a coffee shop I read up on called Barista Parlor. I think I fell in love with this place. It has a really creative artsy vibe. (take a look at my photos and you will see just how amazing it is) Oh and the coffee is by far the best cup of coffee you will ever have.  We ended the night by seeing Keith Urban. With music being a love of mine…I’ve wanted to see Urban since I was in high school. I can’t even explain the excitement I felt. His guitar skills were even more mind blowing in person. He is a true artist and is deeply thankful to be where he is at. The rest of the weekend was laid back and we ended my last day by going to Maggiano’s. The food was amazing and you will leave full. I love trips like this and I can’t wait to see what we do next time I’m in town.  🙂

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Nuevo/Puerto Vallarta

For graduation my parents gave me a trip to Mexico. It was such an awesome trip to just take a break from life and relax on the beach. It was like staying in “Palm Springs” lol.  Anything you wanted to do you could do.  We spent a few days exploring the cities outside of Nuevo/Puerto Vallarta. We got see their culture, walk through their markets, be adventurous and eat such amazing food. I love me some Pozole now! Soo good! It made me have more of an appreciation for their country. Pure joy comes out of these cities.  . It was overall a perfect vacation. I will defiantly go back to Mexico, but next time I will know Spanish! 😉

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(The picture above was taken by one of my best friends Lisa Nguyen)

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College Grad? Heck yes I am!

They told my parents when I was 4 I would always struggle throughout school and I’d never really make it far. Well 21 years later I have surpassed those teacher’s expectations of who they thought I’d become. I’m now a GSU alumni as of this past December. I held a 4.0 my last 2 years of college, I have an associates and now a bachelors, I did a study abroad and interned for a NBA team. No one can predict your future only you can make your future. Live life, work hard, and believe in yourself! 🙂

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My Thoughts

At the moment I’m looking out into a city that is breath taking. A different culture, a different way of life… In fact a beautiful one I might add. It has inspired me to go back to America and learn Spanish. To walk the streets of Mexico and not be able to speak to them as another amigo is sad to me…. It’s one of those nights where I can’t sleep, but as I sit on my balcony and stare out into the city there are lights that are endless and no worry in sight. Just taking in this view and wondering what’s next? Where will I be in 10years? Will I be married? Have kids? Living my dreams? Traveling the world? 10years they say? why do people ask that question? I can’t tell you where I will be, but I do know where ever life takes me I will remember this night looking out of a balcony and thinking how blessed I am to even be here. A graduate with dreams, passions, aspirations, and hope! I won’t settle…I will take this world on with confidants and be a leader for generations to come. As I place my headphones on and lean back and take in the music of my soul I can’t help but smile and know God is watching. He alone knows my path and I couldn’t be more happier then to know he is my pilot and I’m his passenger taking on this world not alone, but with my best friend, my lord and savior!



I decided about a month ago to get into martial arts aka kick boxing. So far it has kicked my butt, but that is what I wanted it to do. I want something that is going to challenge me and get me in the shape that I want to be. This gym is about commitment and dedication. I can honestly say I am committed and dedicated for the next three months. This is just the start. I want to get into jiujitsu once I build up my endurance and strength. I can’t wait to go to work tomorrow and then head to the gym. I mean who can say they love there job and can’t wait to get to the gym after working a 9hr day? What’s also awesome is that it doesn’t just stop with the gym. Since I will be living near the mountains being out doors is mandatory. I can’t wait to climb some mountain tops before it gets to cold 😉 .  Have a great week everyone and take the risk I did and join a gym of your choice 😉


(This is not a picture of mine. I came across it online)